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Copyright Statement of the Website of China BrailleLibrary

The website construction of China Braille Library(Library hereby after) paid close attention to the special demands of visuallyimpaired people. On this basis the Library provided various elaborate cultureresources like text, audio, video to visually impaired people in special wayswhich could be sensed by them. This manner enables them to easily obtainknowledge through the Internet and protect their basic rights of culture.

The Library has always paid high attention tocopyright. By abiding by Copyright Law of PRC and relevant rules andregulations and actively adopting advanced technology for protection, theLibrary enables published resource on the Library website can only be used byvisually impaired readers while other readers have no access withoutauthorization. In this way the influence to relevant works copyright owner canbe minimized.

For any claims from copyright owner please let usknow as early as possible so we can take proper actions for correction.

Above all, the Library is looking forward tosupporting of all copyright owners and publishers.

The information resource (including officiallypurchased and self-constructed) provided by the Library is protected by theCopyright Law. The Library has all copyright of self-constructed resources suchas E-Braille. Without official written authorization, no group or individualhas right to duplicate, copy, mirror, use or disclose any content in thewebsite in any manner. For legal cite of content from this website pleasespecify the reference; for anyone who use the content for commercial or illegalpurpose which might affect the reputation or prejudice other lawful rights ofthe Library, the Library would reserve the right to ascertain his (their) legalresponsibility.

For the convenience of readers, the website of theLibrary sets external links or navigation. The Library is not responsible forthe accuracy, integrity and security.

The Library will try to ensure the accuracy andintegrity of released content. Please feel free to let us know if there is anymistake in order for us to correct.

China BrailleLibrary reserves the right of modification, update and final interpretation ofthe terms of this instruction.

China BrailleLibrary

July 2014