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China Braille Press

China Braille Press is a comprehensive culture publishing house serving 17 million blind people in China. It assumes the important responsibility for publishing all kinks of books for the blind and providing public cultural services for the blind. Since founded in 1953, China Braille Press has supplied Braille books of nearly 10,000 titles and 10 million copies as well as other cultural products for the blind. Up to now, China Braille Press has formed a cultural product system for the blind which mainly includes Braille books, large print books, talking books, information technology products and life aids. In the meanwhile, the press integrates the modern information technology and other achievement, innovates the digital publishing mode, and hearing to open a new door for the blind to access to information.

China Braille Library

China Braille Library has set up many sections, such as Braille production section, storing and loan section, exhibition and training section to supply Chinese blind and blind organizations with considerate, convenient and high quality cultural services, including loan and mailing service, information enquiry, education and training, IT products supply. The library deployed accessible intelligent positioning and navigation system for blind. Under its guidance, the blind can walk freely and access to related information. Relying on 8 service platforms of online loan, digital library, distance education and training, blind community and so on, the library helps the blind in both cities and countryside to borrow and return books, attend distance training course, enjoy online cultural lectures and descriptive videos at home by different spreading channels, such as the Internet, reading terminals, handsets, and telephones as so on. The library is the spiritual home and public cultural service center of the blind in China.